This is one Incredible Bird!

A Pink Necked Green Pigeon. (This image hasn’t been Photoshopped in any way!)


Selecting the right lighting supplier can be tricky…

 …much like picking a pigeon out of a flock in Trafalgar square -at first glance they all look more or less the same, so it’s important to seek out the positive features and identify the things that are going to ruffle your feathers.

For starters (and for your own sanity), the staff at the end of the phone need to be pleasant to deal with. If not, you are in for a long and painful journey.

Here at Base, we’re a friendly bunch of people who enjoy building relationships with our customers and having a bit of fun along the way. We aim to gain your loyalty and trust by providing outstanding choice, value and service.

We appreciate that in wholesaling, everything needs to be “now, now, now”. We understand your requirements and can fire back quotes and lighting designs in a time-frame that suits you, keeping you informed along the way with a quick phone call or email to let you know our progress.

In fact, we guarantee we will call or send you an email within one hour of receiving an enquiry. And if we don’t, we’ll buy you a pizza to share with your colleagues!

Our talented team have years of industry experience within Site Electrical, Lighting and Electrical Wholesaling. We are always at the end of the phone should you need help or guidance.

Obviously, we think that we’re great -A brightly coloured pigeon in a flock of grey birds, but ultimately it comes down to your experience. Join our expanding network of customers across the UK and start enjoying the benefits we can offer you straight away.

Stick your neck out and give us a try.