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empireFast turn-around Lighting Designs

Waiting for a lighting design to be sent through from a supplier can be incredibly frustrating. Unfortunately, designs are not something that can be knocked together by someone who hasn’t had training. Lux levels in certain areas and emergency lighting are important to get right and can sometimes take time to calculate. However, from past experiences of working in wholesale, sometimes even the simplest lighting designs can take days or even weeks to be sent back to you.

Here at Base, we try to be clear from the outset. We’ll jump on any enquiry you send us straight away. If you send us CAD drawings we can import these and it makes the design process a lot quicker. If we receive CAD drawings first thing in the morning, we aim to get these turned around quickly and return them to you on the same day, along with your quotation.

As an example, last Tuesday morning we received CAD drawings for an entire floor of an office block. We completed the scheme using our Empire LED Panels, Prima LED Downlights and Method LED Emergency downlights. This included all calculations for emergency lighting requirements and various light levels throughout the building. Having received the design back on Tuesday afternoon, the order was placed and delivered on Thursday morning. We understand from our customer that the contractor was able to complete the work by the Saturday afternoon., The process was quick and simple. Everyone made a bit of money and went home happy!

That’s the plan– we want to help you to get ahead of the game and provide your customer with a design and price before the competition.

Whether you need help with a scheme for a tiny workshop or an entire office block, we can help you win the job and ensure your customer is happy.

You can submit an enquiry from any product page on the website, call us on 0845 604 5476, or just drop us a mail at sales@baseelectrics.co.uk