Welcome to the Base Electrics LED return on investment calculator. This tool is designed to give an indication of payback times when switching your lighting to LED solutions.

This calculator gives an indication of payback time, the annual and life-time power, CO2 and maintenance savings when you upgrade your lighting to LED solutions with Base Electrics.  Enter the wattage and life for both the old and new fixture and the billing rate per kilowatt-hour.  Be sure to include all costs, i.e. labor, parts, inventory, travel, fuel, equipment, etc.  Light levels are NOT calculated or suggested8

1. Compute kilowatts (kW) saved by upgrading to LED technology:

Original Fixture
Wattage + Ballast
  Watts Saved
per Fixture
  # of Fixtures
to Replace
  Watts Saved
Watts -  Watts = 160 Watts × =
8000 W
8  kW

2. Compute kilowatt hours (kWh) saved and tons of CO2 production saved annually.

  Hours of Use
per Day
  Days of Use
per Week
  Weeks of Use
per Year
  Annual savings:
8 kW × × × = 29120.00 kWh
  = 24.75 Tons

3. Compute power cost savings per year.

of CO2 production *
Saved per Year
  Cost Per kWh
(typically £0.10)
29120.00 × £ = £2912.00   

4. Compute power cost savings and saved CO2 production over life of the LEDs.

LED Life (hours)
  Hours per Year
  LED Est. Life   Annual Power
Cost Savings
  Lifetime Power
Cost Savings
 Hr  ÷  3640.00 hr/yr  =  13.74 Years  ×  £2912.00  =  £40000.00
LED lifetime CO2 savings *   = 340.06 Tons

5. Compute payback from power cost savings.

NOTE:  LED Cost is the amount used to calculate payback.  It may be the direct cost if retrofit, or may be the cost
difference between the LED and the fixture it substitutes if a new installation.  This entry should include all installation costs.

    (Enter LED Cost)  
Payback From
Power Savings
= LED Cost, or Diff. between LED & Original = £ × 50 Lights = 3.78 Years
Power Cost Savings per Year £2912.00

6. Compute maintenance savings during life of the LEDs. Include labor, equipment, fuel, parts, inventory, etc.

Life (hours)
  Original Fixture
Life (hours)
  # of
  Maint Labor
Original Fixture
  Maint. Parts
Original Fixture
50000 ÷ × 50 × ( £  + £   ) = £26041.67

7. Compute the amortized changeout cost savings per year.

Total Lifetime Replacement Cost Savings Lifetime of Replacement Fixture Total Amortized
Savings per Year
£26041.67 ÷ 13.74 Years  = £1895.32
Simple Payback on
Power Consumption
And Maintenance Costs

Initial Cost of Upgrade =

£ 220  × 50 =

2.29  Years

Power + Maintenance
Cost Savings
£ 4807.32
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