New look Website

After several months of hard work, it’s here!

Our Web Team have been busy little monkeys.

The new site was designed with simplicity in mind. We wanted to make searching for a product and it’s specification an easy process. We’ve included line drawings and dimensions as well as a simple reference to part numbers.

We also understand that sometimes, it can be hard to remember the level of protection a certain IP-Rating offers, or various lamp cap codes or lamp colour temperatures. To give you 100% confidence when placing an order with us, we have have included a couple of useful reference pages (Lamp Cap guide, an IP Chart, Colour Temperature Chart) which you may find helpful as a quick reference during your busy day.

On the product pages, we’ve included a “Quote Request” button and a “Lighting Design” request button. You can choose whether to submit an enquiry here or, if you prefer -pick up the phone and give us a call.

You can download the full catalogue by clicking the button in the bottom left of the homepage.

We will continue to add more stuff that we think you might find useful or interesting, but equally if you find any aspects of the site frustrating to use -drop us a line and we’ll certainly take your thoughts on board.